List of Accepted Papers to be Presented at ICoMPAC 2016
Surabaya, November 23, 2016

Submission Number Authors Title
1 Ahmad Alozn and Abdulla Galadari Utility Function under Decision Theory: a Construction Arbitration Application
2 Mahmud Mustain The Model of Shoreline Change in Estuary of Porong River after Mud Volcano
4 Rifky Fauzi and Leo Hari Wiryanto On the Staggered Scheme for Shallow Water Model down an Inclined Channel
5 Usman Agani, Dwi Juniati and Tatag Yuli Ekosiswono Differences Conception Prospective Students Teacher About Limit of Function Based Gender
6 Indah Werdiningsih, Badrus Zaman and Barry Nuqoba Application of Wavelet Transformation and Adaptive Neighborhood Based Modified Backpropagation (ANMBP) for Classification of Brain Cancer
7 Galih Bangga, Mochammad Solichin, Aida Daman, Devy Sa’adiyah, Amgad Dessoky and Thorsten Lutz Aerodynamic performance of a small vertical axis wind turbine using an overset grid method
8 Faiz Ahyaningsih a Combined Strategy for Solving Quadratic Assignment Problem
9 Devy Setiorini Sa'adiyah, Galih Senja Titah Aji Bangga, Wawan Aries Widodo and Nur Ikhwan Numerical Study of Flow, Combustion and Emissions Characteristics in a 625 MWe Tangentially Fired Boiler with Composition of Coal 70% LRC and 30% MRC 
10 Rina Ratianingsih and Resnawati Resnawati Optimal Control of Suspended Sediment Distribution Model of Talaga Lake
11 Oulad Kaddour Mohamed A geometry inequality's equivalent theorem
12 Muhammad Khairul Anuar Mohamed, Nor Aida Zuraimi Md Noar, Zulkhibri Ismail, Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim, Norhafizah Md Sarif, Mohd Zuki Salleh and Anuar Ishak Slip Effect on Stagnation Point Flow past a Stretching Surface with the Presence of Heat Generation/Absorption and Newtonian Heating 
13 Nor Jaini and Sergei Utyuzhnikov The effect of uncertainties in distance-based ranking methods for multi-criteria decision making
14 Zulkhibri Ismail, Nur Fatihah Mod Omar, Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim, Ahmad Qushairi Mohamad, Ilyas Khan, Sharidan Shafie and Mohd Zuki Salleh Double Diffusions on Unsteady MHD Flow of Second Grade Fluids in a Porous Medium: An Exact Analysis
16 Diah Wahyu Safitri and Dwi Juniati Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy using Fractal Dimension Analysis of Eye Fundus Image
17 Novita Priandini, Badrus Zaman and Endah Purwanti Categorizing Document by Fuzzy C-Means and K-Nearest Neighbors Approach
18 Dhiah Eka Kusuma Wardani and Dwi Juniati Fractal Analysis to Classify Heart Sound Recording (Phonocardiogram) Using Higuchi’s Algorithm
19 Imam Kusmaryono Analysis Instrument Test on Mathematical Power the Material Geometry Flat Side for Grade 8 
20 Kefiyalew Zerfu An Approximate Deflection Function for Simply Supported Rectangular Thin Plate by Variational Approach
21 Atmini Dhoruri, Dwi Lestari and Eminugroho Ratnasari Menu Variations for Diabetes Mellitus Patients Using Goal Programming Model
22 Ridho Alfarisi and Darmaji On the star partition dimension of comb product of cycle and path graphs
23 Ramadoni Syahputra and Indah Soesanti An Artificial Immune System Algorithm Approach for Reconfiguring Distribution Network
24 Dimas Riskahadi, Darlis Herumurti and Imam Kuswardayan 3D Multiplayer Virtual Pets Game using Google Cardboard
25 Awang Wardana A Toolbox for Safety Instrumented System Evaluation based on Improved Continuous-time Markov Chain
26 Bambang Agus Sulistyono and Leo Hari Wiryanto Investigation of Flood Routing by a Dynamic Wave Model in Trapezoidal Channels 
27 Wibowo Wibowo, Lullus Lambang, Erick Chandra, Nurul Muhayat and Jaka Sulistya Simulation and Analysis of Vertical Displacement Characteristics of Three Wheels Reverse Trike Vehicle with PID Controller Application 
29 Rina Noviana, Febriani Febriani, Isram Rasal and Eva Utari Axial Segmentation of Lungs CT Scan Images Using Canny Method and Morphological Operation 
30 Amalia Utamima and Arif Djunaidy Be-Safe Travel, a web-based geographic application to explore safe-route in an area
31 Yabunayya Habibi, Dwi Ratna Sulistyaningrum and Budi Setiyono Improvement Precision on Small Object Tracking Based Super-Resolution
32 Yudi Mahatma and Intan Muchtadi-Alamsyah Construction of U-Extension Module
33 Hongki Julie Application of Pedagogy Reflective in Statistical Methods Course and Practicum Statistical Methods
34 Triyah Fatmawati, Badrus Zaman and Indah Werdiningsih Implementation of The Common Phrase Index Method on The Phrase Query for Information Retrieval
35 Dwi Ivayana Sari, Ketut Budayasa and Dwi Juniati Probabilistic Thinking of Elementary School Students in Solving Probability Tasks Based on Math Ability
36 Irwansyah, Naoyuki Kuse and Tsuyoshi Usagawa A Theoretical Study on Directivity Control of Multiple-Loudspeaker System with a Quadrupole Radiation Pattern in Low Frequency Range
37 I Gede Nyoman Mindra Jaya and Farah Kristiani Hierarchical Bayesian Spatio-temporal Analysis of Spread of Dengue Fever in Bandung, Indonesia
38 Dinita Rahmalia Particle Swarm Optimization-Genetic Algorithm (PSOGA) on Linear Transportation Problem
39 Laszlo Szalay Properties of hyperbolic Pascal triangles
40 Unggul Wasiwitono and I Nyoman Sutantra Constrained $mathcal{H}_{infty}$ Control for Low Bandwidth Active Suspensions
41 Hatungimana Gervais Using Quality Threshold Distance To Detect Intrusion In UDP/IP Network Traffic 
42 Andi Syukriani, Dwi Juniati and Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono Mathematics Problem Solving Field-Independent (FI) Students Based on Adaptive Reasoning and Strategic Competence
43 Agustan S, Dwi Juniati and Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono Profile of Male-Field Dependent (FD) Prospective Teacher’s Reflective Thinking in Solving Contextual Mathematical Problem
44 Rojali, Ida Sri Rejeki Siahaan and Benfano Soewito Steganography Algorithm Multi Pixel Value Differencing (MPVD) to Increase Message Capacity and Data Security
45 Edy S. Utomo, Dwi Juniati and Tatag Y.E. Siswono Mathematical Visualization Process for Students of Grade 8-Field Independent in Solving A Contextual Problem
46 Untari Novia Wisesty, M. Syahrul Mubarok and Adiwijaya Adiwijaya A Classification of Marked Hijaiyah Letters' Pronunciation Using Hidden Markov Model 
47 Hairuniza Ahmed Kutty and Parvathy Rajendran 3D CFD Simulation and Experimental Validation of Small APC Slow Flyer Propeller Blade
48 Khaerudin Saleh, Pudji Astuti and Intan Muchtadi A Characteristic of S-Prime Submodules of A Free Module Over A Principle Ideal Domain
49 I Putu Eka N. Kencana, I Wayan Mertha and I Ketut Surata The Multi Group Analysis of Tourist's Intention to Revisit Bali, Indonesia
50 Indah Soesanti and Ramadoni Syahputra Cost Optimization of Batik Production Process Using Artificial Immune System Algorithm
51 Regimar Rasid and Rosalio Artes Jr Combinatorial Approach in Counting the Balanced Bicliques in the Join and the Corona of Graphs
53 Darmaji and Ridho Alfarisi On the partition dimension of comb product of complete and path graphs
54 Alamsyah Zakaria, Ardi Amir and Mery Subito Electronic Device Web-Based Monitoring System using Atmega8535 Microcontroller
55 Tony Yulianto, Siti Komariyah and Nurita Ulfaniyah Application Of Fuzzy Inference System By Sugeno Method On Estimating Of Salt Production
56 Muhammad Hasan Sidiq Kurniawan and Novaldy Pratama Putra Survival Analysis to Evaluate the Service Procurement Process in Pupuk Kaltim Inc.
57 Bekalu Tarekegn Bitew and Berhanu Assaye Alaba Ideals and Filters of an Almost Distributive Fuzzy Lattice
58 Lukman Hanafi and Muhammad Syifaul Mufid Analytical Solution Approximation For Bearing
59 Dwi Ivayana Sari and Didik Hermanto Development of Teaching Learning Tools Oriented Probabilistic Thinking of Probability at Junior High School Students 
60 Chairul Imron and Erna Apriliani The Distance Between the Cylinder Affect the Cylinder Pressure
61 Saib Suwilo and Mardiningsih Mardiningsih The Competition Index of a Class of Two-colored Non-hamiltonian Digraph with Two Cycles whose Lengths Differ by Three
62 Himmatul Mursyidah Eigenvalue, Eigenvector, Eigenmode of Reducible Matrix and Its Application
63 Ikhwan Mohammad Iqbal, Dieky Adzkiya and Imam Mukhlash Formal Verification of Automated Teller Machine Systems using SPIN
64 Mohammad Iqbal and Hsing-Kuo Pao Activity Recognition using Minimal Distinguishing Subsequence Approach
65 Indrianto Indrianto, Meilia Nur Indah Susanti and Karina Djunaidi RESLanjut: The Learning Media For Improve Students Understanding in Embedded Systems
66 Maryam Winarto, Noor Akhmad Setiawan and Oyas Wahyunggoro A Hybrid Feature Selection Method Using Multiclass SVM for Diagnosis of Erythemato Squamous Diseases
67 Yunita Indriana Sari, Didik Khusnul Arif and Dieky Adzkiya A Study on Model Order Reduction of Stable Discrete-Time Linear-Time-Invariant Systems using Balanced Truncation Methods
68 Dyah Ayu Kartika, Didik Khusnul Arif and Dieky Adzkiya A Study on Model Order Reduction of Stable Continuous-Time Linear-Time-Invariant Systems using Balanced Truncation Methods
69 Nur Shafika Abel Razali and Farah Aini Abdullah Water Waves Theory in Electrical Neuronal Model
70 Wilson Kosasih, Lithrone Laricha Salomon and Reynaldo Hutomo Using Conjoint and Cluster Analysis in Developing New Product for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based on Customer Preferences (Case Study: Lampung Province’s Banana Chips)
71 Alvida Mustika Rukmi and Ikhwan Muhammad Iqbal Using k-Means++ Algorithm for Researchers Clustering
72 Ruzika Rimadhany and Darmaji Darmaji Local Metric Dimension of Circulant Graph Circ (n: 1,2,3, ... , (n+1)/2)
73 Ekky Setiawan and I Ketut Budayasa Application of Graph Theory Concept for Traffic Light Control at Crossroad
74 Bain Khusnul Khotimah, Firli Irhamni and Yenny Kustiyahningsih Integration Fuzzy Analytic Network Process (ANP) and SWOT Business Strategy for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Batik
75 Rezki S and Dian Indirasari SFH (Smart Floating Harbour): Smart Harbour with Harbour-Tourism Concept Depend on Graph Analysis of Simpang 5
76 Neilah Muazaroh and Darmaji Determining The Partition Dimension of Graphs Using Genetic Algorithm
77 Ma'rufi, I Ketut Budayasa and Dwi Juniati Profile of Teacher Knowledge of Pedagogy in Mathematics (Limit of Algebraic Function)
78 Achmad Rais Main Diurnal Cycle Pattern of Rainfall in East Java
79 Darma Rusjdi, Abdul Rosyid and Dewi Arianti Wulandari Calculation simulation of archery goal value using a web camera and ultrasonic sensor
80 Rojali Rojali Website-Based PNG Image Steganography using the Modified Vigenere Cipher, Least Significant Bit, and Dictionary Based Compression Methods
81 Mohamad Syahrul Mubarok, Adiwijaya Adiwijaya and Muhammad Dwi Aldhi Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis to Review Products Using Naïve Bayes 
82 Fatmawati and Windarto Modeling and Optimal Control of HIV-Malaria Co-infection Dynamics
83 Huda Bakodah, M. Al-Mazmumy and S. O. Almuhalbedi Solving Nonlinear System of Integro-Differential Equations Using The Restarted Adomian Method
85 Hariyanto Hariyanto, Lukman Hanafi and Suhud Wahyudi Density and Persistence Analyze on The Spreading Models Multi-Regions Multi-Patches
86 Yessy Asri and Yessy Fitriani Flash Flip Book Applications To Measure The Level Of Nationalism on Primary School Students
87 Dhoriva Urwatul Wutsqa, Karyati and Nur Insani Solving The Fuzzy Trapezoidal Linear Programming Problems Using Two Phase Method
88 Karyati and Agus Maman Abadi The Properties of Left (Right) Semisimple Partial Ordered Bilinear Form Semigroups
89 Mardlijah, Tika Desi Ariani and Tahiyatul Asfihani Isolation Strategy of a Two-Strain Avian Influenza Model using Optimal Control
90 Tri Andriani and Mohammad Isa Irawan Application Unweighted Pair Group Arimetic Avarage (UPGMA) for The Identification of Kinship Type Virus and Ebola Epidemic Spreading Through Establishment Phylogenetic Tree
91 Rinurwati Rinurwati, Herry Suprajitno and Slamin Slamin On Local Adjacency Metric Dimension of Some Wheel Related Graphs with Pendant Points
92 Nurul Fuady Adhalia H., Subiono Subiono and Dieky Adzkiya Modeling Water Treatment Plant Using Timed Continuous Petri Nets
93 Nurdin Total Irregular Labeling of Butterfly Network on Level Two
95 Irma Fitria, Winarni, Sigit Pancahayani and Subchan An Optimal Control Strategies using Vaccination and Fogging in Dengue Fever Transmission Model
96 Basuki Widodo, Didik Khusnul Arif, Nur Asiyah, Farida Agustini Widjajati and Kamiran The Effect of Magnetohydrodynamic Nano Fluid Flow Through Porous Cylinder