Submission Number Author Title
2 K Ratchagit  Finite-time stability analysis of discrete-time neural networks
4 Arpita Paul  Supply chain co-ordination with promotional e
ffort and price dependent stochastic demand : A game theoretic approach
5 Dwi Ratna Sulistyaningrum, Budi Setiyono, Tuffahatul Ummah, Daryono Budi Utomo, Soetrisno - and Bandung Arry Sanjoyo  The Vehicle Detection using Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Real Adaboost
6 Kiswara Agung Santoso, Muhammad Bagus Kurniawan, Abduh Riski and Ahmad Kamsyakawuni  The Hybrid Cat-Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm and Its Application on Bounded Knapsack Problem
7 Agung Pratama, Imam Mukhlash and Setyo Nugroho  Design And Application Of Reuse Stage Algorithm Of Case-Based Reasoning Method On Cntainer Stowage
8 Sabarinsyah Sabarinsyah, Garminia Hanni and Astuti Pudji  Continuity and Adjoint Function in the Bilinear Spaces
11 Inayah Eka Firdausi, Imam Mukhlash and Nurul Hidayat  Sentiment Analysis Of Customer Response Of Telecommunication Operator In Twitter Using DCNN-SVM Algorithm
12 Masar Al-Rabeeah, Ali Al-Hasani, Santosh Kumar and Andrew Eberhard  Enhancement on the Improved Recursive Method for Multi-objective Integer Programming Problem
13 Aufa Biahdillah, Sunarsini and Sentot Didik Surjanto  Application of Banach Contraction Principle in Complex Valued Rectangular b-Metric Space
14 Yuki Nakagaki and Guisheng Zhai  A Study on Optimization Algorithms in MPC
15 Ibnu Mansyur Hamdani, Syaiful Anam and Nur Shofianah  Counting of Bacterial Colonies of the Low Quality Image Using Perona-Malik Diffusion Filters and Image Morphology Operators
16 Santosh Kumar, Ali Al-Hasani, Masar Al-Rabeeah and Andrew Eberhard  A random search method for finding ‘K = 2’ number of ranked optimal solution to an assignment problem
17 Hani Khaulasari  Modelling Mixed Geographically Weighted Poisson Regression For Tuberculosis Disease In Surabaya
18 Dinawati Trapsilasiwi, Randi Pratama Murtikusuma, Didik Sugeng Pambudi, Ervin Oktavianingtyas and Mailulah Ely Fauziyah  Students Mathematical Representation of Hatyaiwittayalaisomboonkulkanya School Thailand Based on SOLO Taxonomy in Solving PISA Problem
19 Mike Prastuti and Prima Putri Nurindraprasta  Forecasting the number of passanger of ships in Madura strait port using ARIMA Box-Jenkins method
20 Ratih Yulika Endartyana and Erma Oktania Permatasari  Grouping District / Cities in Papua Based Poverty Indicators
21 Susi Setiawani, Nirmalawati Hidayatni and Suharto  The analysis of queue model on a motorcycle parking area
22 Sie Evan Setiawan and Sunarsini  Completeness and Fixed Point Theorem in Cone Rectangular Metric Spaces
23 Nur Fidyah Permatasari and Pratnya Paramitha Oktaviana  Tweet Category Clustering of E-Wallet in Indonesia by Using K-Means and Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)
24 Laksmi Prita Wardhani, Setiawan Setiawan, Suhartono Suhartono and Heri Kuswanto  Poisson GSTAR Model: Spatial Temporal Modeling Count Data using Generalized Linear Model and Count Time Series models
25 Rochmatun Annisa, Erma Oktania Permatasari and Agnes Tuti Rumiati  Modeling of Infant Mortality in West Sulawesi Using Zero Inflated Poisson Regression Method
26 Agus Abdillah, Anan Sutisna, Indina Tarjiah, Dona Fitria and Toto Widiarto  Application of multinomial logistic regression to analyze learning difficulties in statistics courses
27 Dewi Muslimatul Azizah and Erma Oktania Permatasari  Modeling of Toddler Stunting in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara Using Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) Method
28 Hendro Prasetyono, Agus Abdillah, Tri Anita, Anna Nurfarkhana and Akhmad Sefudin  Identification of the decline in learning outcomes in statistics courses using the chi-squared automatic interaction detection method
29 Laksmi Wardhani, Diana Indrawati and Nuri Wahyuningsih  The Theft Criminality Forecasting in the Surabaya District Police Region Using Poisson GARMA Model and Negative Binomial GARMA Model
30 Silvia Astri Rahmaningrum and Pratnya Paramitha Oktaviana  Sentiment Classification of Hotel Service Review on Traveloka Sites Using Naïve Bayes Classifier (NBC) and Binary Logistic Regression
31 Takeshi Terao, Katsuhisa Ozaki and Takeshi Ogita  LU-Cholesky QR algorithms for thin QR decomposition in an oblique inner product
32 Rindang Bangun Prasetyo, Heri Kuswanto, Nur Iriawan and Brodjol Sutijo Suprih Ulama  A Hierarchical Bayes Binomial-Poisson Model for Small Area Estimation of Dropout Rate in Poverty
35 Katsuhisa Ozaki  An Error-Free Transformation for Matrix Multiplication with Reproducible Algorithms and Divide and Conquer Methods
36 Nur Indah Asrori, Nur Iriawan and Wiwiek Setya Winahju  Vehicle’s Density Prediction Based on History Data of e-Toll in PT Jasamarga Pandaan Tol Using Hidden Markov Model
37 Hasan S Panigoro, Agus Suryanto, Wuryansari Muharini Kusumawinahyu and Isnani Darti  Existence of Hopf Bifurcation on a Fractional-Order Gause-Type Predator-Prey Model with Continuous Threshold Predator Harvesting
38 Nan-Jing Wu and Yen-Ting Lin  An introduction of the GE/BC embedded meshless method by using an ODE problem as example
39 Sari Gita Fitri, Ruhul Selsi and Zuherman Rustam  Naïve Bayes Classifier Models for Cerebral Infarction Classification
40 Lingga Andika, Hasih Pratiwi and Sri Handajani  Classification of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Disease Using Convolutional Neural Network Method
41 Rina Ratianingsih, Juni Wijayanti Puspita, Farida Farida and Agus Indra Jaya  The mathematical model of Eunice Siciliensis lifecycle: a study on Lombok Baunyale Festival Preserving Effort
42 Muhammad Akbar, Setiawan Matoha, Suhartono Suhartono, Budi Ruchjana, Dedy Prastyo, Amri Muhaimin and Endah Setyowati  A Generalized Space-Time Autoregressive Moving Average (GSTARMA) Model for Forecasting Air Pollutant in Surabaya
45 Endah Putri, Nuri Wahyuningsih and I Gusti Astari  Rainfall forecasting with climate change detection and its pattern relationship to rice production
47 Brodjol Sutijo Suprih Ulama, Mike Prastuti and Pratnya Paramitha Oktaviana  Regression Fuzzy Network Modeling For Stock Forecasting
48 Yudi Satria, Suryadi Mt, Venny Melvina, Luqman Nuradi Prawadika and Ita M Sholihat  A new chaotic map development through the composition of the MS Map and the Dyadic Transformation Map
50 Zuherman Rustam, Sri Hartini and Jacub Pandelaki  Kernel perceptron algorithm for sinusitis classification
52 Eka Oktaviansyah and Arif Rahman  Predicting hoax spread in Indonesia using SIRS model
54 Hamidah, Zuherman Rustam and Suarsih Utama  Multiclass Classification of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Microarrays Data Using Machine Learning Algorithms
55 Zuherman Rustam and Ajeng Leudityara  Breast Cancer Clustering using Modified Spherical K-Means
56 Nurlia Angie and Zuherman Rustam  Acute Sinusitis Classification Using Support and Fuzzy Support Vector Machines
57 Glori Saragih and Zuherman Rustam  Fuzzy kernel k-medoids application with fisher score feature selection for predicting bank financial failure
58 Ezangina Tatiana, Gayvoronskiy Sergey An and Ivan Khozhaev  Maximizing operating speed of an interval control system with a robust controller on a base of a root approach to synthesis
59 Ezangina Tatiana, Gayvoronskiy Sergey An and Ivan Khozhaev  Interval-Parametric Synthesis Of A Robust Controller On A Base Of Characteristic Polynomial With Desired Stability In A Sector
60 Ivan Khozhaev, Gayvoronskiy Sergey An and Ezangina Tatiana  Deriving A Six-Dimensional Mathematical Model Of An Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Motion Control System With Interval Parameters
62 Zuherman Rustam, Dea Aulia Utami, Jacub Pandelaki and Reyhan Eddy Yunus  Analyzing Cerebral Infarction using Support Vector Machine with Artificial Bee Colony and Particle Swarm Optimization Feature Selection
63 Dian Ariesta Yuwaningsih and Indah Emilia Wijayanti  On Endocoprime Radical of Modules
64 Alfira Astuti, Setiawan Setiawan, Ismaini Zain and Jerry Purnomo  A Review of Panel Data on Spatial Econometrics Models
65 Muhammad Zulky Al Amri, I Made Sumertajaya and Utami Dyah Syafitri  Comparison of Multinomial Logistic Discriminant Analysis (MLgDA) and Classification and Regression Tree (CART) Performance in Classifying the Impact of Working Children
66 Tegar Arifin Prasetyo, Roberd Saragih and Dewi Handayani  Optimal Control on the Mathematical Models of Dengue Epidemic by Giving Vaccination and Repellent Strategies
67 Muhammad Luthfi Shahab, Mohammad Isa Irawan and Riko Wijayanto  Implementation of social media mining for decision making in product planning based on topic modeling and sentiment analysis
69 Indira Anggriani, Luh Putri Adnyani and Nashrul Millah  The Effect Of Wind Turbine On Sea Flow
70 Siti Fatimah Hassan  DA algorithm in handling missing values problem in circular data distributed with von Mises distribution
71 Dinita Rahmalia, Novita Eka Chandra, Siti Alfiatur Rohmaniah, Lilik Muzdalifah and Eriska Fitri Kurniawati  Goal programming on optimal pairings selection from flight schedule using Bat Algorithm
72 Dwi Endah Kusrini and Any Werdhiastuti  Forecasting the Number of Lecturers by Multi-input Intervention model for Human Resource University Planning Policy
73 Latifah Rahayu, Munawar, Zurnila Marli Kezuma and Dhahratul Aini  Analysis of Factors Affecting Adolescent’s Hypertension in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
74 Fatmawati Fatmawati, Utami Dyah Purwati and Jonner Nainggolan  Parameter Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Malaria Model
75 Muhammad Chalid Fansury and Rinurwati  Sum Nano-Zagreb Index of Some Graph Operation
76 Kartika Nugraheni, Sigit Pancahayani and Riki Herliansyah  Stability Analysis Mangrove Forest Resource Models with Proboscis Monkey and Fish pond land Interaction with Time Delay
77 Rivan Pratama Yuda, Chelvian Aroef, Zuherman Rustam and Hamimah Alatas  Gender Classification Based on Face Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
78 Supriyadi Wibowo, Vika Yugi Kurniawan and Siswanto  The Relation between Hölder Continuous Function of Order a?(0,1) and Function of Bounded Variation
79 Budi Setiyono, Ramadhani Dwi Susanti, Dwi Ratna Sulistyaningrum and Ig Ngurah Usadha  Classification and Counting of Moving Vehicle at Night with Similarity of Rear Lamp
80 Yudi Satria, Suryadi Mt and Luqman N Prawadika  An improvement on the chaotic behavior of the Gauss Map for cryptography purposes using the Circle Map combination
81 Yudi Satria, Suryadi Mt, Ita Sholihat, Luqman Nuradi Prawadika and Venny Melvina  The composition of the improved logistic map and the MS map in generating a new chaotic function
82 Faiqotul Himmah, Isnani Darti and Corina Karim  Modification of Interest Rate Model Based on Compound Poisson Process and Brownian Motion Affected by Inflation Rate
84 Minhao Lu and Tomoyuki Idogawa  Morphological contour decomposition and reconstruction by using asymmetric SEs
85 Meksianis Z Ndii, Jacobis Messakh and Bertha S Djahi  Effects of vaccination on dengue transmission dynamics
87 Zurnila Kesuma, Asep Rusyana and Latifah Rahayu  Factors Affecting Adolescent Nutritional Status in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
88 Fiftitah Repfian Aszhari and Zuherman Rustam  Classification of Thalassemia Data Using Random Forest Algorithm
89 Taufik Limansyah and Dharma Lesmono  A Mathematical Model For Inventory And Price-Dependent Demand With All-Units Discount
90 Taufik Limansyah, Dharma Lesmono and Ign Sandy  Economic order quantity model with deterioration factor and all-units discount
91 Dwi Ratna Sulistyaningrum, Budi Setiyono and 'Alima Rasyida  Rice Disease Classification Based on Leaf Image Using Multilevel Support Vector Machine (SVM)
92 Nenik Estuningsih, Fatmawati Fatmawati and Erna Apriliani  Implementation of Kalman filter algorithm on reduced models using Linear Matrix Inequality method and its application to measurement water level
93 Siti Rusdiana, Asep Rusyana and Teuku Raja Ahmad Alfaruqi  Application Of The Stochastic Transition Matrix As A Prediction Pattern For The Occurrence Of Disasters In Aceh Province In 2017-2021
94 Alvida Mustika Rukmi, Devi Andriyani and Imam Mukhlash  Identification of topics in News Articles Using Algorithm of Porter Stemmer Enhancement and Likelihood Classifier
95 Sidra Aman, Zulkhibri Ismail and Mohd Zuki Salleh  Heat and mass transfer of CMC based second grade nanofluid
96 Tahiyatul Asfihani, Mirzaq Khoirul Mufidah, Subchan Subchan and Dieky Adzkiya  Missile Control Design for Moving Target using Model Predictive Control
97 Basuki Widodo, Adhi Surya Nugraha and Muhammad Thahiruddin  Numerical Solution of Unsteady Al2O3-Water Nanofluid Flow Past A Magnetic Porous Sliced Sphere
98 Dieky Adzkiya, Hendro Nurhadi and Teguh Herlambang  Linearization of two-state thruster models